Friday, December 3, 2010

it's on

wakes up on a foggy December day and says to herself "this is it". getting up takes longer than usual. when she's finally out of bed, everything seems to be happening in slow motion. coffee, some biscuits, some morning shows, all in complete silence and tranquility. as the minutes pass, her hearts starts pounding faster and faster. from time to time, she is looking in the mirror, taking a good glance at the person in front of her. deep breath. heart beat back to normal. what now? clothes. what should she wear? anything special? no, no, it would mean trying too hard. needs comfort. anything sporty?, not really, let's keep it girly still. decisions decision. she finally picks something she has worn 10322 before. the new jacket will do it anyway. ok, deep breath again. relax. she goes to her bag, looks through the room and starts picking up stuff she wouldn't normally take with her. she won't be needing this but doesn't want to think afterwards "damn I should have taken that as well". bag almost ready. chocolate and a drink to calm her nerves. bag ready. she looks again around her room. what else? what else? no, this should do it. before leaving, 2 songs to tell her she's doing the right thing. ok, she's settled. deep breath. closes the door. ankle boots on, leather jacket on, bag, hair. one last look in the mirror. gets out and locks the door. it's on.

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