Wednesday, October 26, 2011

new girl

hey guys,

I made a promise a couple of days ago, that I would write my next blogpost in english so here it is. if there's any problem, just say so and I will re-write it.

Lately, I've really wanted to go shopping: not for clothes, not for accessories, but for me-s. Think about it: how cool would it be to have a biiiig store from where we could buy pieces of ourselves? Don't worry, there won't be legs and heads floating around, just little bottles with traits: big long legs - 120$,dark hair - 63$, flawless skin - 500$ and so on.

If I had a store like this, I'd save all my money for one thing: a bigger and better brian. There would never be discounts on brains, so I'd have to save money for years in order to afford buying it. I'd have to walk by the store daily and admire it before I could finally say "I'd like the brain in the corner, please" and I'd tell all my friends about the amazing purchase.

Then again, if I put my feet on the ground again, it's not a bought brain that I need, but a better version of my own. And, just like in the case of the store, TIME is the only thing that keeps me from getting it. So i've been told at least: the more we learn, the better the brain. And learning takes time. So, maybe, just maybe, I mustn't envy all those around me, those people who are older and better, cause I'll get there too :-)

PS: watch new girl!!!!


  1. the more we learn, the less we know

  2. data viitoare sper ca scrii in romana :))

  3. @Lavi: da, promit. asta a fost doar pentru un tip din canada, care mereu zice ca vrea sa-mi citeasca blogul si nu poate, asa ca am scris unul sa inteleaga si el. Pentru cine vrea, pot sa fac un LE cu traducerea :-s

  4. Sa stii ca eu nu as avea incredere sa cumpar asa orice creier direct dintr-un raft de magazin, si as trata acest potential "purchase" cam la nivelul in care as trata posibil cumpararea unei bijuterii sau opere de arta de valoare, adica as da background check SERIOS de tot la proprietarul magazinului, la intreaga istorie a provenientei creierului respectiv, la autenticitatea creierului, (inclusiv prin scanare independenta cu PET si MRI), etc. !

  5. Sorry, primul link complet e:

  6. Argh ! Nu iese. E "Positron emission tomography", just in case nu-si da seama cineva si e curios sa caute ! (Eu, stiind deja ca am un creier de addict, devin extraordinar de compulsiv in mod compensator ca sa-mi diminuez anxietatea cand e vorba de comentat pe bloguri intitulate in mod atat de tentant "free love".)


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