Thursday, April 9, 2009

guide to married men

un mini-eseu facut la engleza ca o replica la un guide to married women:d

Are you tired of all those not so subtle allusion your wife always makes?Are you sick of being compared to young, fit and wealthy men your significant other sees on TV? Then here are some tips for you to become her ideal husband!
First of all, remember, never, and we mean NEVER contradict her if you notice she's absolutely sure of what she says!If your lady is stuck on an idea, only time, not you, will make her change her mind.
Another important aspect is always showing her she is the love of your life. But keep in mind, don't exaggerate. She might become suspicious if you are too catty. So nice words, a soft look and a gentle touch for no reason will do the trick. But we have to warn you: do these things only at the right moment: saying "I love you" when she's angry because the sink is broken and the kitchen flooded might be a one-way ticket to a huge fight.
Let's talk about the things you must do for yourself now. Do you remember how women say they don't care how a man looks? Forget about that, they do!!Of course, they don't like men sitting infront of the mirror for ages, but being clean, well dressed and not smelling like yesterday's dinner is mandatory!!
A saving idea is coming up with one. Take the initiative, invite her somewhere, come up with things you can do together. Believe us, she will appreciate it.
We have left the first rule at the end because, no matter what, you have to keep this in mind:never compare her with women around you:colleagues, friends, neighbours, your mom! Especially your mother!! Women hate comparisons and it will only turn against you. Maybe you've heard "oh, so she is better, right?" before....
Still, we have to admit, women are not that bad. They are those kind-hearted beings you have fallen for, so they are not that hard to please. If you take our advice, you will probably have a normal marriage. If they don't work, then sorry buddy, you're on your own!

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